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that 70$ waterCooling rig

Die Size see project:P40 for info on tami AI “cloud” machine

a TESLA P40 that didn't make it on the projects:EGPU.
its basically a 1080 with 24Gb of VRAM with no display outputs. for compute only. being server grade, it comes with no active cooling.
so eran printed a shroud for a tiny 20mm server fan, but it was whiney.
then we did a fast 120mm and that was slightly better. so water cooling


  • try a cheaper fish tank pump and diy reservoir
  • add another P40 (48Gb VRAM!!) the specific MB can't handle it
  • change tap water to proper coolnet juice no way
  • ???
  • profit


before and after

dissemble air cooling

hold the water-block

check temps

the pump+reservoir combo also has temp output


this are all delayed shipping

P40 compared to 1080 GTX TI strix board

the sharkoon S70

AIO cooling kits like this sharkoon are becoming commodity addons, for 80$is a good package.
its not expendable as my DIY build above and kinda sucks in tiny cases. but not much more expensive.

Watercooling project the 2nd complete. Temps down from 100c…
i started this more for the noise levels. but Yeh, its cooler and quite now.
most annoying is this scam of “quite fans”.
bequiet brand simply runs its fans 1000RPM. they don't push any air. and are very quiet.

im also pretty sure heat spreaders for memories and FETs on the GPU are unnecessary.
good airflow is enough. both on the P40 at tami and on my lowly home 3060.

photo_2023-11-21_16-24-36.jpg photo_2023-11-21_16-24-57.jpg photo_2023-11-21_16-25-04.jpg photo_2023-11-21_16-24-53.jpg

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