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TAMI space is located in the center of Tel-Aviv and is welcome to anyone. If you are coming for the first time, it is better to chat/call us to make sure the place is (or will be) open or visit it during one of the events. If you want to know how to open/close the space on your own, come and speak with us.

You can always check if TAMI is open at the moment in 2 ways:

The state is controlled by physical button in the space. If you opened the space and don't mind visitors - please, switch to open. When closing the space - please, do not forget to switch to close state.



Your safety is your responsibility, and neither TAMI or its volunteers take responsibility for any harm, loss, damage, injury or death while at TAMI.
If you are not sure how to use some equipment/materials, always ask for guidance or don't use it!
Your use of equipment/materials is pre-conditional to agreeing to this statement.

  • if you decided to use some equipment/materials, please, respect it as it was probably a donation by a nice person who wanted to see TAMI succeed.
    We rely on nice people to bring us cool stuff in the notion that their stuff will be treated nicely.
  • if you broke something in the space, please, don't just leave it as it was.
    Report about it to TAMI members by sending a message that you broke XYZ, and we will figure out what to do. It is important because if one of the members was planning to come and use that broken tool, he/she could decide if they are still coming to the space or not and maybe change their plans accordingly (not everyone lives in close proximity to TAMI). By the way, if you decide to chip in when buying a new tool, it would be nice.
  • if you would like to bring some equipment/materials to TAMI and keep it for your own use → label it
    For example, put a sticker with {Name}{Initials} {phone/email}. Otherwise, not labelled stuff is considered shared so anyone can use it.
  • if you would like to store some large equipment in the space, you should agree about it with TAMI members
  • stuff that is not properly labelled (as mentioned above) and not usefull for the space will be moved next to the door (aka “TAMI Out” corner), and a notification will be sent about it to our online chanells
    If not claimed, it would be thrown away in a week.
  • if you take something from the space (e.g. a tool), you MUST notify members about it and either return it later or order a replacement for it

Note that all of these rules are not set in stone and always are open for discussion and change. If you need an exception to any of the rules, just ask members, and we will figure out a solution :)


Entry passage

Electronics bench

Wood workroom



Metal workroom




Textile and leather bench

Storage area

We have shelves to store equipment, materials, etc.


There is also a small storeroom for chemical stuff.


Audio equipment






Sofa and restroom




art_3.jpeg art_1.jpeg


Tel Aviv, Shoken 19. You should see a big door with RGB lights when you're there, the entrance is to the right of that door.

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