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There is a lot going on in TAMI. For a list of all events and their details (description, hours, etc.) visit our Meetup. Information about events happening this day (if there are some) is also posted by our bot to Matrix and Telegram every day in the morning.

It is common for TAMI when several events happen at the same time (in parallel). It is also ok if you come to TAMI and work on your own things during some event. Just always make sure with event organizers that you don't disturb others.

If you are going to visit an event, please, RSVP on Meetup so organizers will be aware about you coming.


Hosting your own event

TAMI is always open for you to organize an event. If you are curious what kind of events are appropriate for the space, just examine past events to get an idea. In general, it can be anything: a lecture/presentation about some interesting topic, a craft or art workshop, a meeting to discuss something, watch a movie or just maintain TAMI space itself.
If you want to host an event, speak to us, and we would be very happy to discuss and schedule it for you.

Regular events

Some events in TAMI are so in demand so they are held regularly.

It is always better to double check (chat/call us or check in Meetup) whether an event is going to be this week.


Repair Cafe (every week)
Come with your broken electronics, and we will fix it together. We can only try, no guarantees ;)
The key is together: it is not “leave the broken thing, and we will do it for you”; it is “be involved, help and learn with us”.


Guaranteed Open Night (every week)
The space opens for all visitors. TAMI members will be happy to show and explain about space areas, equipment, etc.
So if you are not sure when to come for the first time, Monday evening would be the best option ;)


Mini Project Night (once in 2 weeks)
We are working on some small DIY projects together. If you have ideas and want to discuss what to do, join our Matrix and/or Telegram (there is a dedicated group for this event).



Craft Workshop (every week)
We gather to work on craft projects (wood, metal, leather, textile, acrylic, etc.).
Have ideas for projects? Want to learn about crafting or share your experience/skills? You are always welcome to come to the space and join us.


One Computer Per Human מחשב אחד לכל אדם (From July 17 t till August 7t)
## בנה מחשב משלך בלי לקנות כלום! רוצה לחסוך כסף ולבנות מחשב משלך? הצטרף קורס בנית/הרכבת מחשבים ייחודי מבוסס על שימוש בזבל דיגיטלי ותוכנה חופשית!Build Your Own Computer Without Buying Anything! Want to save money and build your own computer? Join our unique computer building/assembly course based on the use of digital waste and free software!

Register in Meetup


Tami Sonic: Electronic Music Workshop (once in 2 weeks)

We have music coding and DIY hardware oriented workshops (i.e. playing music using a computer and electronic instruments instead of or in addition to traditional musical instruments).
Visit this webpage if you want to know more ;)

Cinema Club - מועדון קולנוע (once in 2 weeks)

Movie Time! זמן סרט!
Come over and see if you want to know more - תגיע בעצמך לעדת יותר;)

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