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This Wiki is in development. If you would like to contribute, speak to

Welcome to Tami! We are recently making some changes to the wiki(read about this on our Blog), so some exciting changes are on the way! Contact us if you would like to contribute or ask questions

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Who we are

TAMI is a hackerspace, a group of curious people that like to think, teach and create together. We are interested not only in computers and electronics - there are amateur carpenters, cookers, people interested in DIY biology, and more. There is a lot going on at TAMI, check out upcoming and recurring events.

A hackerspace is a place for creative people to meet in order to talk, exchange ideas, and make stuff. A kind of “club” for inquisitive and creative people. More about it can be read in here.

TAMI (our hackerspace) is a group of people with similar interests (more or less) that like to think, teach and create. We are interested not only in computers and electronics - there are amateur carpenters, cookers, people interested in do it yourself biology, and more.

Hackerspaces are meant for hackers, artists, carpenters, electriciants, robot airplane builders, electric car builders and anything else - in short people who want to build and create, together or alone, and want a place open 24/7 with good atmosphere, work tools, and other people to coorperate with. There are hundreds of places like this in the world, from San Francisco to places in Afrika we never heard of.

This is a hackerspace or open workshop for projects in robotics, 3d printing, electronics, remote sensing etc. in the spirit of the maker or diy movements. Currently equipment includes wood/metal working stuff, 3d printers, a few cnc's-in-progress, electronics test/build bench, computer cluster, and a lot of distributed knowledge. Everyone is welcome, pay dues if you want a key, ask around for details from one of the Members or in the space.

How to Visit us

Don't think twice, come visit! away? chat with us!

How to Contribute

TAMI is open for anyone who wishes to come by any use the space to create. That being said TAMI does rely on member fees paid by regular visitors, and can make good use of one-time donations to the donation box.

The preferred payment method is by bank account transfer to the account listed below. For other payment methods see donations page.

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