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PFAFF Sawing Machine guide

Meant for experienced sewing-machine users. מיועד למי שכבר יודע להשתמש במכונת תפירה !!!

Yes, this one: PFAFF 28/55 CL-2 - זאת

A. Threading the top thread – להשחיל את החוט העליון

1. Place a thread-roll on this thing (על הצ'ופצ'יק הזה מס' 1) 2. Go through #2 (may need to remove the sponge temp.) 3. Out through #3 4. go throuhh the top (right to left), then the middle (left to right) then bottom: left to right 5. <mistake, ignore> 6. Around that wheel. Don’t get stuck in the deep crevice – there should be an easy triangular “ravine“: 7. There’s a loop/string, looks like a hairpin of sorts. Thread thourgh that

8. and throug the big horizontal loop (8)

9. through the lever that goes up-down, should be in “up” (turn the spining wheel to adjust) (and down again through loop at #8)

10. there’s a hole in the back of the needle.

11. Through the bottom of the needle (from left to right) you may want to lift thefastening wheel, to expose the needle’s hole

B. refilling the thread in the bobbin

see video below. I used an electric drill; I placed the bobbin on the drill bit, + 5mm piece of rubber to add friction, mounted the thread on the bobbin,

and start rolling. video not working (why?)

C. Replacing the bottom bobbin

1. Open the cover on the left side of the bottom part.

2. Spin the big spinning wheel (right) to adjust the bobbin’s position. The manual says: “roll it to the right-most position, like in the photo & drawing below, while the handle is on the bottom”: from my experience, it doesn’t matter.

3. Pull / Open the thing, the bobbin comes out

4. Replace the empty bobbin, 5. and close the thing.

6. Same as with any other sewing machine, pull the thread lightly so that it goes in the crack/crevis thing, as explained in the photo below:

D. Turn on - הדלקת המכונה

There’s a switch under the table, on the right side from the machine.

I’ve build a square wood handle added a piece of wood to handle.

You need only ~ 1/3 turn to start it.

Troubleshooting stuck thread

Same as other machines.

1. turn off

2. pull / push gently while pulling the threads

3. still stuck? > slight manual spin

4. still stuck? > slight push of the pedal.

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