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Grid's thoughts on SMS

Long ago, I was pestered by a ton of SMS messages. I've been considering a dedicated device to make my life easier using a SIM900 module. After playing with it for quite a bit, I received the SMS messages by UART, and things were getting closer to okay. Given more time, I might've been using phone numbers and parsers to make my life easier and to hear only the notifications regarding the topics that matter to me. Alas, I had to abandon such a notion of convenience.

Recently, I've heard that the cellphone standards, whatever they're called, are being upgraded. Looking at old notes and code, I can't say I would miss sending the AT commands and parsing their responses. When some new commercial newfangled stuff inconveniently appears, standards disappear like someone's diarrhea in a downpour: quickly, leaving some smell and an expectation of another all-nighter trying to fix it. Then again, the AT commands may stay and even be extended with undocumented features; it's a norm when inconvenient things stick around.

I'll stop there. If things go OK-ish and you happen to be irritated by the SMS messages, please get in touch; let's discuss some embedded devices that will make our life a bit easier by checking the phone numbers, filtering similar messages and parsing them only to provide the necessary information.

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