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Grid's thoughts on mice

Modern mice aren't that good and we should discuss how to fix it. For starters, have you seen an open-source mouse that is interesting and customizable? Ploopy is good, but it doesn't count, you have to resolder the switches, even if it's open.

Thoughts on closed-source mice

Asus ROG Chakram X Origin

  • Name's silly and long.
  • Delivery to Israel is a major pain.
  • I own it and can confirm that switches are replaceable.
  • RGB control isn't done through some easy to understand protocol. There are solutions, but they don't build on my system and I need to get to the meat of it, the protocol.
  • RGB lights may be used much better as notifications.
  • I should investigate why one such mouse died.
  • The battery is available, but not on AliExpress.
  • Joystick is kinda nice, but becomes the arrow keys on Linux and mouse isn't that balanced
  • The sensor doesn't work well on the black surfaces

Thoughts on an ideal open mouse

  • Open control protocol
  • An easy way to open the mouse and tinker with it
  • A battery that's easy to buy and replace
  • Replaceable switches
  • Easy to control RGB highlight of one zone, off by default, used for notifications
  • The sensor should recognise the black surfaces
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