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Tami Monday Pizza

Dough Recipe

The actual recipe gets tweaked every time I make it

The recipe is based on this

If you also want to make pizza start there


  • 400g AP flour
  • 280ml water
  • 2-4g instant yeast(FIXME explain further)
  • 5g salt
  • 20g msg
  • like 2 glugs of olive oil(FIXME get precise measure)
  • a handful of sugar(FIXME get precise measure)



  1. Pour slightly warm water into bowl(around ~43C, should feel warm to the touch(FIXME explain why))
  2. Take some of the water, dissolve the sugar into it and pour it back
  3. Mix in the yeast
  4. ⏰ Wait ~10 minutes (Mix the dry ingredients(FIXME add link) now)
  5. Add the oil


  1. Mix the flour, salt and msg thoroughly (Sifting can make things slightly easier later on)


  1. Slowly incorporate the dry into the wet bowl
  2. Dont worry about forcefully mixing it in, let the dough sit and hydrate for(10-15 minutes atleast FIXME elaborate)(VERY IMPORTANT FIXME explain dough hydration)

Raising dough

(FIXME explain further all this complicated shit)

Let sit covered on the countertop for atleast 7 hours

Or in the fridge for longer(tapers off after 72 hours)

Slower development leads to better taste

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