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Extend Wi-Fi range with a Q&D/DIY antenna “dish” made out of used tin cans.

Maybe provide/gain Internet access where/when service (ISP) isn't available/affordable?


  1. Prior art: collect links, resources.
  2. Research: does this really work? Countless prior art, YT videos, for years, but I've yet to find rigorous empirical evidence and explanations of why and how this should work, exactly.
  3. Use TAMI's electronics (physics?) equipment (and members' expertise?) to measure, quantify, model…
  4. Build lots and lots… Already got dozens of used tin cans, cleaned. Guessing need to buy receivers? Various USB-based, with tiny built-in antennas, might work? Oh, or maybe buy cheap kits in bulk?


  1. Who knows microwave physics?
  2. Who knows Wi-Fi dongles' capabilities, especially as signal strength(?) sensors?
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